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Sara’s Graduation

After nine long months in Santa Barbara, I finally graduated from the dietetic internship. A dietetic internship is a postgraduate internship for future dietitians to get real life, hands-on experience in the field. The next and FINAL step towards becoming a Registered Dietitian is to sit for the RD exam.


As you can see, I really like my cake, as do Alan and my sister, Claudia. To see more pictures from my graduation weekend, click the image. OK, time to study… wish me luck!


4 Comments to “Sara’s Graduation”

  1. jamie gabe

    I know is this very belated but I wanted to say congratulations on completing your internship. I hope you are having fun on your trip.

  2. Michelle Morris

    So glad you took to heart my favorite nutrition motto that “all foods can fit!” Good luck studying and thanks for keeping me in the loop.

  3. Davier Kioko

    Hello Alan,
    just see the mail have dropped to mark’s blog on your visit to kenya in september and wish to meet Mr. Kioko

    “you are most welcomed here in kenya and let me know when you arrive in kenya. We can start linking up before this time comes that you are supposed to be in kenya, for safety you can get my mail and cell phone number from Mark Skipper. Hope to hear from you soon.

    Dr. please make these meeting a successful for you have all the emails of both of us and if we acant publish the emails on your website. So please start the introduction mail for me and Alan”

    congrats sara in your graduation, may you go higher than the sky which we term as the limit

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