Alan and Sara Aren’t Leaving For Kenya… Yet

We previously thought we were leaving for Kenya on September 3rd, but the date has been pushed back. Oh well, we’ll get there eventually.

We were recently in Canada where we were taking some VSO training courses and eating awesome shawarmas. For whatever reasons, Ottawa has a large Lebanese population, so there are Shawarma King restaurants on every corner!

I’ve been reading a lot (see my post asking for suggested readings), and Sara’s been studying. Yuck, right? “School’s out forever!” right? Wrong. Sara’s got a very important test coming up in a few weeks in order to become a Registered Dietitian (RD). She’s taking the test next week… wish her luck!

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  1. Jonaley

    Too bad for the delay. Yeah I’m in UB now for a week and its really, really amazing, not sure how long the honeymoon will last but it’s just such a cool place I am already trying to extend the placement past 6 months. VSO in country training is a breeze, you don’t have to make any hard decisions ur first week, they basically take care of you.. Mongolian language is mindboggling mainly due to the use of the cyrillic alphabet which is hard to get used to. As for the site here you got some nice polish! What weather plugin are you using and do you know a way for users to post private comments?? Anyway all the best, use the extra time to look in to the small details before you leave and I hope you get it going ASAP. Jon

  2. Hey guys! I hope it’s all going good still for you. I’ve finally started working in the VSO Mongolia office. So far just working out some virus and network problems, but I’ll soon start in on my web development project. Crazy coincidence, but there’s a VSO Kenya volunteer working right next to me at the PO. Her name is Aliza and she’s working in education for the next 6 month. Not only that she’s from Kitui, not too far from Tala and speaks some the local language! We’ve been talking quite a bit about the place and it sounds like you’ll be going to a pretty sweet spot. Alan, do you know the name of the college you’ll be at? Anyways, I thought you might be interested, small world :) Hope the trip preps are still going alright. Jon.

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