Animals, Kenya

The rains have started to fall in Tala. As far as I can tell, this has two major ramifications:

  1. Farmers will grow food this season (rains were sporadic last season)
  2. Lots of animals will crawl into my house

Let it be known: I come in peace, but if you scare the shit out of me I might kill you. Especially at night. Visitors I’ve had in the past year and a half:

  • Scorpions: 5
  • Snakes: 2.5 (one was technically in the pit latrine in my backyard, so that’s half ;)
  • Spiders: 6

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Animals, Kenya

By now most of you know that I run a small animal shelter out of my house here in Kenya (I guess I am following in my friend Marg’s footsteps). I made a fun little discovery in my house last night. “Fun” being that it was a scorpion. “Little” being that it was hardly an inch long. My camera is completely worthless these days so all I have is this terrible picture. I poked him and he definitely tried to sting my toothbrush with his tail. Who knows what other tiny monsters are lurking around my house… ahhh!!!

Animals, Kenya, Miscellaneous

I thought I saw something the other night (I even tried to poke it), but now I’m sure… there’s a snake living in and or above the front door of my house. When I saw it a few nights ago it was high above my door in some little crevice in the bricks of my house. I know it’s a small little thing, but maybe it was hunting that huge, furry spider from earlier this week. I know you guys wouldn’t believe me unless I had hard evidence, so I snapped a quick photo.

I never knew snakes could climb on vertical rock walls and, unless it’s a snake/lizard hybrid, I am actually stumped as to how it got there. On a related note, I had a large stick insect on my curtain tonight as well. I don’t know what’s with the influx of creepy, crawly, slithery things lately, but maybe my prayer flags are just doing their thing. I’ll have you know that, other than shooing the spider and poking the snake, none of these critters have been harmed.