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I Spy…

Does this scare you?

Spider on the net!

Look again…


I was making my bed, tucking the sheets in and moving the mosquito net around… and then I almost fainted. Holy crap! *shiver* It’s probably harmless, but it’s SO much scarier than the tiny spiders, ants, etc that are always running, flying, and crawling around here. Even as I type these sentences I’ve had to brush several bugs off me. One of them came dive-bombing from a missed attempt to reach “heaven” (the light bulb above me).

I heard in Venezuela the spiders are as big as your head. Well when I whacked this one with my panga (farming knife/sword thing) it hit the wall with a THUD! Jesus Christ… this is Africa.

I’m alive and well, and I even slept in this morning. I made one big cinnamon pancake with banana slices wedged in there… It’s no Denny’s but I’ll take it.


3 Comments to “I Spy…”

  1. Holy crap! We were always told there were spiders there… good thing I wasn’t there to perform an exorcism on the entire house ;)

    I miss you but I do not miss the buggies!

  2. Tony


    spiders give me such creeps i could run a marathon..
    i live in nairobi, and like it here, but if i saw a spider like that in my house… its moving time!

    anyways hope you had fun in our beautiful country.

    1. Alan Author

      Tony, I’m still having fun in your country! And there are no spiders in town I don’t think… that one was when I was in ushaggo!

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