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Alan the Peanut Roaster

From now on I’m going to be roasting MASSIVE amounts of peanuts! They are so freakin’ cheap, delicious, and nutritious that it’s a no-brainer. Do you want to know what the secret is? PILI PILI (pepper)! Oh, and salt of course. They’re just as delicious as potato chips but way more natural and as a bonus they’re homemade. Just say, “No!” to preservatives!

I buy the raw nuts from the market and then roast them by the cup every few days. It takes about an hour once I’ve diced the peppers, added the oil to the pot, and stirred on and off heat to keep them from burning. I let them cool a bit and finish cooking when I notice they start getting dry and crunchy (you have to taste them every few minutes to know!). Half a kilogram is about 45 shillings, which is almost enough to last a whole week. I might buy one kilogram and then roast a whole bunch and take them as a treat to the staff room, because they are really hurting for some variety in the food in there!

Tomorrow’s a big market day so just know that while you’re sleeping in America I will be wheeling, dealing, and then ROASTING! I know it’s no substitute for leafy greens, Sara, so I’ll keep forcing myself to eat those every once in a while too!


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  1. JB

    Just please don’t put any of that peanut butter in your oatmeal with bananas. Although, I have to give props to you for your delicious scrambled eggs.

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