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The Last Frontier?

We have lots of big animals in Africa, like lions, giraffes, hippos, etc. Well I have discovered a new tourist attraction in my very home: a man-eating spider was waiting above my front door when I came home tonight. As you may recall, this isn’t the first time I’ve had such an encounter… As I type the spider is staring at me, licking its lips, and I’m staring at the broom I’m going to use to whack the hell out of it.

I don’t usually kill them, but I just can’t take any chances with this one. I’m already freaked out when I enter a room and turn the light on, open a closet, put on a sweatshirt, slip into bed, or mess with the curtains. If it’s not a spider it’s a lizard, and if it’s not a lizard it’s a wasp; one time I even had a bat flying around inside the house when I got home at night. Oh, and don’t forget the dogs that run after me when I’m riding home after dark!

I can’t remember where they said the “Final Frontier” was, but Africa’s pretty frontiery… if you know what I mean. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go shake all my clothes, move everything away from the walls, and change my bed sheets. Africa is not for the faint of heart!

2 Comments to “The Last Frontier?”

  1. Bats and lizards I can handle… but that’s a huge spider! They definitely don’t scare me here anymore after what I saw in Kenya :)

  2. JB

    At least you don’t have scorpions…essentially spiders with crab hands and a poisonous tail of whacking might. Two vols just behind my shack have been stung within the past fews months…one in bed and one in their sleeping bag. Nightly bed checks are mandatory. Shoe checks…you bet ya. However, that is one big spider I never want to come across. Hope he tasted good. I recommend getting a cat/cats…they’re doing wonders around here for ridding us of snakes and spiders.

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