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Visiting Kitui


I visited Sureel in Kitui a few weeks ago but never got around to posting the pictures… I took a co-worker, Elizabeth, with me because she comes from there and promised to show me around.  We spent the weekend hanging out, cooking Indian food, and visiting this big rock called Nzambani rock.  The tribe in Kitui is the same tribe in Tala, the Kamba people, so it’s part of the Kamba “country,” or “Ukambani.”  Kitui’s a pretty modern town, though, with several banks, hoppin’ clubs, and lots of super markets.  It’s much, much bigger than Tala, but also much “deeper” into the country (about three hours from Tala).

There’s a legend that says if you walk around Nzambani rock seven times it will change your gender.  The rock is pretty big, but you could definitely circle it seven times if you wanted to disprove the legend. Apparently this area used to be deep in the bush in the old days, so the legend comes from a time when you couldn’t even get near the rock, let alone walk around it seven times. I can only imagine what kind of animals used to roam in the wilderness around this rock in the old days!

One night Sureel and I even went to a club and danced to some reggae music. The Rastafarian always like talking to me for some reason… Good times, nonetheless.

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