Last weekend I had my phone — an LG Nexus 4 — stolen on a matatu in town (a City Hoppa bus on the Ngong Road → Nairobi route). It must have happened as I was getting off at Kenyatta Ave / Koinange street, as I had it in my hands just before then, but had put it into my bag before alighting. I wanted to go tell Safaricom to block the IMEI so that the phone couldn’t be used on their network, and apparently they won’t do that unless you file a police report.

This is what happened when I went to the Central Police Station to report the theft.

TL;DR: it was an very unpleasant experience; somehow they manage to make you feel like a criminal for being the victim of a crime… (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

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I’m reading The Girl in the Picture by Denise Chong. In short, it’s about the life of the girl central to one of the most famous pictures from the Vietnam War. I wasn’t alive when the war was going on (so the history and politics surrounding it are a mystery to me), but I’m pretty sure everyone has seen that picture…

Paperback cover for <cite>The Girl in the Picture</cite>
Paperback cover for The Girl in the Picture

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A few hours before my flight back to Nairobi, I looked at my itinerary and realized I was scheduled for a twenty-one-hour layover in Doha. Sad panda. I’ve spent a few hours there before, but always with a few episodes of some TV show on my phone and a good book. So I decided to book a hotel and get a visa to enter Doha for the day — at least then I could get some sleep, take a shower, and see something new!

Last Minute Hotel Booking

From a shared computer in the hostel in Bangkok I hurriedly found a hotel in Doha which was on the Embassy of Qatar’s approved list of hotels and made a booking. It turns out that this isn’t as important as I thought, as they don’t do any checking or anything; the immigration lady just asked where I was staying and I said the name and it was enough. For reference, I stayed at the Mövenpick Hotel Doha.

Mövenpick Hotel
Mövenpick Hotel

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