In preparation for moving to Kenya I’ve started brainstorming a list of books to bring with me. Great idea, Alan, but ever since graduating and quitting both of my jobs last month I’ve had nothing to do but read! I’ve already plowed through a few books and I’m starting to endanger the book surplus I had created for Kenya.

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In a major milestone towards Alan and Sara moving to Kenya, Alan graduated this past weekend! Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems, baby!


Kenya is getting closer and closer… Sara graduates June 8th, and then we’ll be off to Canada for some training. Stay tuned!!

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It’s not Kenya, but it’s beautiful! Abdel Monaim and I went over to Deer Creek, about forty miles out of Chico on Highway 32, and spent a few days camping, hiking, reading, and cooking. Here’s a picture if you don’t believe me:


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