Koremash Gorge in Ethiopia

I was in Addis Ababa for work last week, and in addition to drinking coffee, eating shiro, and hacking on DSpace, I managed to get out and see a pretty amazing sight outside of Addis: the Koremash Gorge.

Other than being a bit hazy, it was a beautiful day for a panorama…

I don’t know why this thing isn’t more popular… maybe it’s because of all the old things in north of Ethiopia? There’s more to Ethiopia than obelisks and crazy monks living in caves*!

Getting There

To get there you need to drive ~70km East of Addis on the Asmara road (Megenanga→CMC road). You’ll reach a small town called Hamusgebeya, then you’ll turn right onto a small dirt road and drive 5–10km until you reach Frontera (an old Italian fort from 1890). Pay the lady 30 birr for admission (or whatever), and then walk to the far end of the compound where you reach the viewpoint. Wow!

More Pictures

Just to convince you that I’m dead handsome, and the gorge is really beautiful. :P

*p.s. I have nothing against obelisks or crazy monks living in caves.

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  1. Thanks alan for ‘free’ travel advise. Images are breathtaking. I am a dude… and starighter than the road at salgaa…lol…so spare me to comment on your personal assesment in the looks department. Either way…. I know where to go while at addis.

    Uthiru is fine. Just ever growing traffic on naivasha rd. since all peeps from ngong and karen discovered our nice quiet road and cause traffic here :-(

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