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OMG Brownies

Cassandra’s out of town for the week so I’ve had the house all to myself. In addition to loud music and kernel hacking, I’ve been experimenting in the kitchen. Today I made brownies and OMG! Cassandra bakes a lot of delicious cakes, but I haven’t had brownies like this since at least the last time I was home. Java House’s brownies are ok, but there’s nothing like home baked!

I tried to bake brownies with Pat one time in Tala a few years ago, but that didn’t work out so well. I can’t exactly remember why, but it seemed to involve a few US→metric conversions gone wrong, an oven with settings “1” to “7”, an over-sized baking tin (so big that the oven couldn’t quite shut properly), and a few ingredients which just weren’t close enough to the real thing (Tala’s supply of vanilla, for example, just couldn’t cut it).

Making brownies in Tala
Making brownies in Tala

For the record, this time I used a combination of a recipe my mom sent me, this Hershey’s recipe, and this Cacao Web recipe. As it’s customary to give family recipes a name, I will write “Tamu brownies” (sweet) on the top of the notes I scribbled down as I was making a mess in the kitchen.

I might have to turn this into a regular phenomenon… in any case, I’m ready for the next bake sale!

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    1. Alan Author

      Just made a second batch now… gonna eat myself stupid even if they taste terrible because they smell fantastic! If the recipe ain’t right I’ll make all my friends eat ’em, then I’ll make sure it’s just right when you get home!

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