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Making Brownies…

Pat came over today and we tried to bake brownies. I’ve tried it a few times before when Sara was here but we always missed some ingredients or had some other problems (oven doesn’t have degrees, only 1 -7!). The first batch was decent but I gave the second batch to the students because I wasn’t looking forward to eating OR cleaning that mess… I’m sure they loved all that chocolate and sugar, but that’s not a brownie, man! I’m getting a big discouraged because I’ve failed so many times. I even resorted to frying my cookie dough once because the pan was too big. I can get brownies in Nairobi at Java house, but it’s just not the same as a home-cooked Duncan Hines…

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  1. Tracy

    Mmmm…brownies. You can’t get anything even remotely close to a brownie here. The big South African grocery chain “Shoprite” has a bakery but everything there tastes like soap to me. Since I have moved back I have an oven too which excites me to no end. I think I will try to make brownies now too! I’m all about the chipatis right now though. I could eat them for every meal…can and do actually. I’m pathetic!

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