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For the past year and a half I’ve been working as a teacher at Holy Rosary College in Tala, Kenya. It has been a great experience but it was a bit nerve racking at first because I wasn’t prepared to be teaching classes. Over my time as a volunteer at the college I’ve taught five different units, for each of which I prepared my own course material. In the community-oriented spirit of open source I’ve decided to post my course notes online.

Unless otherwise noted, these fall under the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike license. In a nutshell, you’re free to use them but…

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  • don’t forget to tell people you borrowed from me!
  • no profiteering!
  • you can share your additions as long as you use the same license!

For each class there should be lecture notes, two assignments, and three CATs. The course names are as provided from Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology, and sometimes don’t reflect the depth and scope (or lack thereof) of the syllabus.

  • Web Development I, an introductory course to pre-CSS web development (HTML!)
  • Introduction to Programming and Algorithms, an introduction to programming concepts using C++
  • Network Essentials, basic networking concepts (focusing mostly on LAN)
  • Object-oriented programming, a slightly more advanced programming class using C++ (arrays, recursion, classes, makefiles, etc)
  • Operating Systems II, a second-level introduction to Unix/Linux administration and concepts

I don’t use Windows on my main computer, so some of the files may look funny if you do (it has to do with the line endings in the file). I’ve tried to make a set that won’t look funny, but bare with me if I’ve messed up. Download the version you’d like below:

I hope this will be of use to someone. Let me know if you have any comments or questions. Thanks!

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  1. Randi

    good stuff alan. i am probably not going to look at them, but it is generous that you gave them out for people to see!

    i am really enjoying the frequency of your blog posts these days. keep it up. <3

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