All the 40 Bobs…

A few months ago I was given a forty-shilling coin as part of my change in the grocery store. Cassandra hadn’t seen one before so she was really excited about it. Because they’re not very common we’ve started a little tradition of saving them.

At first it was just a joke… but now, just a few months later, we’ve amassed sixteen of them!

Stack of forty-shilling coins
Stack of forty-shilling coins

Unofficially known as the “ka Lucy” (little Lucy, after President Kibaki’s wife), these things were printed to commemorate the fortieth anniversary of Kenya’s independence.

Update (March 14, 2012): We now have 23 of them!
Update (August 30, 2013): We now have 59 of them!
Update (October 27, 2015): We now have 103 of them!

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  1. James

    Hi Pato, I would like to buy the coins from you. How many do you have by now?
    Inbox me on my email address we see if we can do business


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