Stay Away From the Uthiru Swing Ride

As I walked into work today I passed this monstrous metal contraption in the Uthiru roundabout. I’ve ridden (and enjoyed) swing rides before, but I think I’ll pass on this one!

It’s closed today, but I’m sure it’ll be packed this weekend. It’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt… that thing looks super shady.

4 Comments to “Stay Away From the Uthiru Swing Ride”

  1. patriot

    OMG! that ‘contraption’ is on the web? I studied it upclose when i was doing my morning jog and i guess it would work in a controlled environment (not an open park). Its actually dangerous for people who are on the ground. But its manually spun/span, hence environmentally friendly!

    1. Alan Author

      Yes, it’s on the web! Nothing escapes the watchful eye of Alan! Hahaha, actually I just work at ILRI, so I see it every day ;)

  2. twa

    We are used to such kind of things here in Kenya. we can’t stay away from it.
    it is a blessing to many. do u know how many children pass by the roundabout and long to be on the swing ride?

    i have ridden on one and it is very safe, i can assure u

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