It’s hard to believe that five months ago I was living in Tala, working as a VSO volunteer. Life was good then, simple — I was living in a rural area of Kenya, hakuna matata (no problems). I didn’t particularly enjoy teaching, but I loved my colleagues and the pole pole (slow) life was easy to get used to. Teaching was a great experience, and sure it was challenging, but I just didn’t enjoy it. I want to be the guy hacking the computers, not the guy writing about hacking computers on a blackboard!

Life at ILRI has been great since I started in August, 2009. I wear khakis and a collared shirt once or twice a week, and jeans and a t-shirt the other days. I’ve worn a hat before and nobody seemed to mind, but I promise I won’t make a habit of it. Scientists at ILRI are all brilliant, and I’m learning new things about molecular biology and bioinformatics every day. I’ve always had a hobby interest in science, and it’s fun to be surrounded around “real” scientists.

Being around scientists all the time means I’ve realized I need to up my game. There is so much to learn, and every little bit of biology I pick up helps me work better with the scientists. The thought of going back to school is daunting, but the thought of being a part of something, like finding a vaccine or cracking some genetic code, is exciting (even if I was only the guy who set up the software). I’ve been given a one-year contract, so we’ll see what happens…

But first, before we crack Theileria parva, I gotta see if I can shake this cold I’ve been fighting for a few weeks. Goodnight!

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  1. Julius Njogu

    Hi pole about the cold am sure you’ll get better soon.Can wait for you to help discover a new vaccine because know your one brilliant mad professor

  2. tash

    weka update bwana…you should go back to uni so you can be cracking up books like me but it would be stressful with work and school and i can imagine the traffic from westi to tao if you did decide to go back your main option and the best school for biology would be Nairobi univesity though i wonder if they have…a campus in westi…any way wacha kunyamaza. make saa (lol direct translation)tunyuwe kahawa pamoja ohhh there is a new savannah in tao right on kenyatta street we should brand it…


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