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Jua Cali – Niimbie (Sing For Me)

A great song by one of Kenya’s better-known artists, Jua Cali. I’m not sure why I never heard it until now because it’s been out since late 2008. Anyways, it’s Jua Cali and Enika (apparently she’s from Tanzania). It’s a nice break from all the “I’m a thug” and “get money and bitches” music that is becoming so popular (even in Kenya). From what I can understand (and from what we see in the video), Jua Cali is reminiscing about when he was a young boy discovering his love for music.

If you want to download the MP3 you should head over to GetMziki because it was featured on their blog when the song was released.

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  1. Matthew Winans

    I’m sure your Swahili skills are good enough to listen to X Plastaz without any trouble (that’s my way of saying check them out)! :-P

    This song is good too.

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