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Merry Moving Christmas

Decorating the Christmas tree
Decorating the Christmas tree

A few Nairobi VSO volunteers got together to have a small Christmas thingy. Randi and I are, of course, a very entertaining duo so we were invited. We decorated a small tree, told stories, and had a nice meal. Sandy is a professional when it comes to brownies and I do spin a mean salad (salad spinner!). There are no pictures of me, which is good because I just got a haircut and it looks a bit dorky (so count on me wearing a hat for any pictures in the next few weeks).

Randi’s been here almost two weeks now, and I’ve taken her to all the local joints that I know. She is even starting to crack people up with funny Swahili jokes, recognizing streets, matatus, etc. We didn’t plan so well, but tomorrow we’re definitely on the move to Tanzania. It’s been a hectic week but we’ve booked two tickets for Arusha for Christmas morning. Who knows if we’ll be able to find matatus to town at 5:30 in the morning, but we’ll go a bit early just in case. The tickets are only 1,000 shillings each (about 12 US dollars), so I guess we could just try again on Saturday if we are unlucky. If all goes well we’ll be in Arusha by lunch time. Arusha ain’t no thing cuz I’ve been there a few times.

Alan sitting in the living room
Alan sitting in the living room

We didn’t prepare very well because I’ve also been searching for, paying for, and moving into a new apartment. So far I’ve got a refrigerator, coffee maker, and a mattress. It’s a two-bedroom place just about a block away from the penthouse I live in now — it’s not as nice, but is a bit more homely. It will be nice to start filling it with my own stuff and cooking meals again (my current house has a less-than-optimal stove situation).

Oops, I have to wake up in 3.5 hours. Goodnight.

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  1. Kristine

    Merry Christmas old roomie!!! When on earth are you coming back to California? I miss you! Oh and by the way…. I bought myself a Mac!!! Aren’t you impressed??? Lot’s of love from the bay area!

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