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New Tunes

These are some new tunes. They’re new to me at least. I bet you’ve never heard ’em until now but I wouldn’t be surprised if some of you heard about these when they dropped a few years ago. These two songs aren’t from Kenya but they sure get a lot of airtime in Kenya in matatus, clubs, ring tones, etc. I hope you enjoy these tracks as much as I do and sambaza (share/spread) them with everyone you know. Zimenibamba (they’ve “jazzed” me)!

Magic System — Premier Gaou

These dudes are from Côte d’Ivoire and this song is apparently from 2006 but I only recently realized how sweet it is. Now that I am in the loop I am pretty sure I’ve heard it in a few clubs over the past couple of years. Every time this song starts playing all the chicks in the joint shriek and jump up to dance with their girlfriends. You know what I’m talking about!

Bracket — Yori Yori

This group is from Nigeria, and the song only came out in early 2009, so I bet you haven’t heard it. This song can also make women shriek… it’s fun, right?

On a related note, the number of African-related music web sites is growing rapidly. It seems like I see a new one every few weeks. I already knew about GetMziki because it’s peddled by some East African jamaas (dudes), but the other day I discovered a whole site dedicated to Kenyan lyrics. That one’s nice because sometimes you want to know WHAT the guys are saying, even though you don’t know what the hell it means.

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  1. brayo

    hey, just bumped into your site and i was so surprised that i found myself laughing with tears streaming down my cheeks!! Its not every day that i meet people who have really assimilated into kenyan culture especially when they were not born there plus sheng yako iko juu tu sana!! LOL!….as for the song above, i remember it was really popular bt no one knew the words so we wld say ” Usiende bafu bila taulo aaaahhh….(cnt recall the rest)” hehe!:)

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