More Music From East Africa…

I’ve posted about music in Kenya several times… There’s a lot of talent in Kenya, guys! East Africa in general has such a diverse range of music. Just hop in a matatu in Nairobi and you’ll hear some crazy beats booming. These two artists are a bit old, so most Kenyans have known them for at least a year, but hey! I’m not Kenyan! Enjoy!

Stella Mwangi – Take It Back

Stella Mwangi, aka STL, is a Kenyan but she moved to Norway at four years old. Just listen!

Stella Mwangi – She Got It

This song is new, 2009…

Deux Vultures – Kapatikana

These dudes are pretty funny. The video opens up with a family portrait: baba mfupi, bibi mfupi, watoto warefu (short dad, short wife, tall kids). The chorus goes something like: bibi yake mfupi, bwana yake mfupi, lakini kijana mrefu ametoka wapi? (“His wife is short, her husband is short, but where did the tall kid come from?”).

If you like what you hear here you should start visiting’s blog, where they post the latest stuff from East Africa’s music scene. That, or come to Kenya and I’ll take you around Nairobi’s sweetest matatus where you’ll hear some bangin’ bass! Karibu sana (“you’re very welcome”)!

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