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Things Always Get Worse

Whenever you think that things couldn’t possibly get more busy/stressful/expensive/whatever, they do! Here’s the deal, I posted a few weeks ago that our semester had started and that I was teaching four classes; it turns out that I’ll be teaching five!

A student came last week saying she failed a class in 2005 and she wants to come sit for the class again. The thing is that it’s my favorite area, and I’m really the only one at the school who can teach it. The course is Operating Systems II, basically Unix/Linux system administration. It’s not really terrible, it’s just bad timing because we’re already in the fifth week of classes.

Also, there are no notes for the class; all I have is a ten-week course outline. The final exams take place in about five weeks from now. Oh, and she has a job in Nairobi, so she is only free one day a week, a day which I already have two lectures. She came yesterday and asked me if I would give her some notes for the class so she could read them at home. Haha, what notes? I’ll be making those, along with the notes for my other new class, the day before each lecture!

Add on my other responsibilities at the college and then my chores at the house: buying food, cooking food, cleaning, washing clothes. When will I ever have time to watch Scrubs?

I guess that’s just life.

7 Comments to “Things Always Get Worse”

  1. carolynn mutashi

    well jikaze kisabuni….learn that one in english lol…i like your new one day student she seems really nice,may be you can have class at java on weekends that way you both benefit ,you teach she buys coffee i get to see you

  2. loreen okoth

    well don’t you just love how carol comes up with her crazy ideas that leave you aaaaaaah!.i say help the student although you are in a tight spot.

  3. hey!
    that sucks, but i guess i get some solace in knowing other people have to work a lot, too. My counterpart quit so i now teach 26 lessons a week. lame! ah well, if i wasn’t teaching i’d just be rotting my brains reading bad fantasy novels. how’re the new(er) seasons of scrubs? i stopped after season 4 or 5 i think…


  4. sounds like a brutal class ;)

    I got a fat 400pg Active Directory book on my desk I’m learning for work. The test to get certified is a couple G’s … is it me or am I always getting shafted trying to learn something!

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