Alan Battles Malaria

Yesterday I was very sick. Today I went to the doctor and a blood test showed that I have plasmodium malariae. So now I am among the billions of malaria-infected people in the world. In retrospect it really wasn’t all that bad, just a lot of diarrhea. Other than the the obvious annoyance of having to run to the toilet every 20 minutes, the headaches, muscle pain, lack of appetite, and fatigue are pretty normal if you’ve ever had the flu or common cold.

I got a shot of quinine in my butt (ouch), and now I’m on anti-biotics for a few days. I feel better already; part of that was probably due to eating my first meal in twenty-four hours. I will go for more shots tomorrow and the next day and then I’ll be rid of this parasite forever. The good thing is that, according the Center for Disease Control, I am building up immunities to this parasite. Cool!

Update, 24 hours after first shot: I’ve had two shots now, and I’m on day two of anti-biotics. Other than the soreness from the injections I feel completely fine, or niko sawa kabisa, as I told my doctor this morning!

On another note, does this remind anyone of The Oregon Trail, the awesome edutainment program of the 1980s?

“Alan Has Malaria”…

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  1. As you’re dealing with malaria I’m battling food poisoning courtesy of Chada Thai… delicious food and then around 1am… lots of lots of sickness! Spicy sickness… good luck with the malaria… and start taking your doxycycline!

  2. TV

    Damn dude, tough luck. I think you’re the only person I know that’s ever had Malaria, I suppose I should consider myself lucky in that respect.

  3. kristi

    I bought Kris a t-shirt last year that says, “you have died of dysentery” and it has a picture of a wagon on it! ha ha

    I’m so sorry you don’t feel well! I’m glad it seems to be going away though. Kris said his dad had malaria once in Kenya. He also said you can’t ever give blood or something.. dang.

  4. Mom

    I can’t understand why you stopped taking the pills they gave you to avoid malaria in the first place. That’s the only African related disease I want you to catch !!!!! Stay safe.
    Love from your mother…..

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