WordPress 2.7 Upgrade

I upgraded this blog to the latest WordPress version (2.7). The only change that you’ll notice is a new “threaded comment” functionality which allows you to reply to other comments. I had to make some small tweaks to this site’s theme to enable the new comment stuff. I suppose this would also be a good time to post a link to my theme files just in case you’re interested in using it on your blog.

The theme is called “Gray Gets Green,” and it is originally by Fred Banuelos. When WordPress 2.3 came out I went to his website to see if he would be updating the theme to work with 2.3’s new widget features, but he was missing in action. I added the widget support myself. Same story with WordPress 2.7’s comment features. There’s no problems because he licensed the theme under the GNU General Public License, which says that I can make and release my own changes to the code as long as I keep it licensed under the GPL. So here you go:

  • Gray Gets Green 1.0: Original version from Fred Banuelos
  • Gray Gets Green 1.1: Modified by me to add WordPress 2.3 widget support
  • Gray Gets Green 1.2: Modified by me to add Worpdress 2.7 threaded comment support

Update (2016-03-14): These themes have been discontinued and unsupported for a few years so I’ve removed the links above and left the rest for posterity.

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