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Obama ni mkenya

You’ve probably heard that Barack Obama’s father is from Kenya, so there’s a sort of Obama-mania around here. Here’s how most of my conversations go with the locals:

Local: “Do you think Obama will win?”
Me: “Yes, but I’m not going to vote for him.”
Local: “What? Why not?”
Me: “Why should I vote for him?”
Local: “HE’S KENYAN!!!”
Me: “But that’s not what Democracy is about…”

One teen-aged girl proceeded to ask me if I hate black people.  I told her that I don’t care if the next president of the United States is white, black, green, or a tree.  American politics make it so that any candidate with drastically different ideas has absolutely no chance to get elected.

3 Comments to “Obama ni mkenya”

  1. I don’t think we can talk anymore because not only am I starting grad school which means I’ll have no life, but I’m essentially studying the American Political Process and how we can use it to our advantage. I think they might kick me out of the program if they know we’re friends :)

  2. bro, what’s up? been a long time since we chatted. You still surviving out in the African sun? Your boy from kenya won the gold in the marathon ! are people stoked there about that?

  3. Yes! I want the next president of America to be a tree!

    I guess you have ready Interface by Neal Stephenson masquerading as Stephen Bury? (not sure about all the ‘v’s and ‘ph’s there, as usual). If not don’t fret, and don’t add it to your list unless you want something lighthearted.

    *sigh* its been so long since I ready something lighthearted.

    are you done with the placement now and traveling or on a break and coming back?


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