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America’s been a great change of pace for the past five weeks, but I’m pretty sure I’ll be heading back to Kenya soon. VSO sent me an e-mail last week saying things are calming down in Kenya and it’s looking like it will be safe for volunteers to return. This brings up an important point…

Update Your Bookmarks!

The new address for this website is but the old URL,, will still work for a few months just in case there are any stragglers! As you may have guessed, Sara will not be returning to Kenya with me. She is going to stay in California and do one or more of the following: look for a job, go back to school for a Master’s degree, or hang out. She’s open to suggestions so don’t be bashful! And go update your bookmarks (yes, mom, I’ll help you)!

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A lynch mob attempted to hang a suspected witch in Tala the other day. After the lynching failed, the mob burned several buildings in Tala’s town center. From the article at

… the police officers soon ran out of bullets and tear gas canisters, giving the irate mob an opportunity to raze buildings.


The mob also torched council vehicles and Ministry of Water motorcycles that were parked at the council yard in the orgy that destroyed property valued at more than Sh20 million.

Crazy Kenya…

Kenya, Pictures

Arriving in San DiegoTo most Kenyans and visitors alike, the word mzungu means ‘white person.’ I, however, like to refer to the original meaning, ‘the one who comes around’. This definition makes more sense because, sadly, Alan and I will no longer be coming around in Kenya. I write this from Alan’s parent’s house in San Diego, California, where we are safe and sound.

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