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Mzungus in California

Arriving in San DiegoTo most Kenyans and visitors alike, the word mzungu means ‘white person.’ I, however, like to refer to the original meaning, ‘the one who comes around’. This definition makes more sense because, sadly, Alan and I will no longer be coming around in Kenya. I write this from Alan’s parent’s house in San Diego, California, where we are safe and sound.

Alan harvesting sukuma wiki (kale)

Following the return of most of the volunteers to their respective placements in mid-January, new violence erupted in places that were previously considered ‘safe havens.’ VSO felt that the security situation had changed and we were no longer safe there, so they decided to send everyone home and suspend the entire volunteer program in Kenya for four weeks, after which they will re-evaluate the safety and decide whether or not we’ll be returning to Kenya. Even though Tala was perfectly safe, we were sent home on Thursday, January 31st, and arrived here after many hours of traveling late on Friday night. It’s good to be home, but San Diego’s cold, dark, and rainy!

So now we’re on hold again… waiting again! I’m heading up to Cupertino on Monday, and then after Alan comes up in a week or so, we’ll start visiting friends and family in the Bay Area and Chico. Shoot us an e-mail if you’re around and you haven’t heard from us! Here are some pictures from our last few weeks in Kenya:

Click here to see the whole photo album. Until next time…


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