Thailand, Day 1

I’ve been jotting down notes on my phone as I walk around Thailand. I don’t have time to write long posts, so here’s a list of observations, activities, etc:

  • Arrive in Bangkok at 7am
  • Express Airlink City rail train to Makkasan station for 90 Baht
  • Saw billboard about Buddha saying: “Stop abusing the Buddha. Don’t buy furniture, sculptures, get tattoos, etc”. It seems funny, because people always swear “Buddhism isn’t a religion, it’s a philosophy”… but this seems like the standard superstition and controlling people that is typical of religion.
  • Wander around for a few blocks at Makassan, meet a nice motorbike dude called Somnuek. He takes me to Khaosan Road for 150 Baht. The ride is 15 minutes or so. He also takes me to have noodles for lunch and finds a cheap hotel for me. As we drive he keeps pointing out Chinese girls to me, not sure why.
  • Noodles are delicious, reminds me of Phở. Also comes with iced tea. 110 Baht total for both of us.
  • Hotel is 350 Baht per night, no frills, but has a bed and running water, plus one socket for electricity).
  • Panang curry, rice and a cold coke for dinner on the side of the road. 100 Baht. Delicious.
  • Coffee at Starbucks while I relax and read my book. Black coffee alone is 110 Baht!

7 days left in Thailand!