Zürich Isn’t a Flashy Town

I’ve been in Switzerland visiting Cassandra (she’s finishing her PhD, and has been away from Kenya for a few months). We came to Zürich to get out of Basel for a few days.

I don’t usually read guide books, but I happened to be flipping through the Rough Guide to Switzerland and I saw it said “Zürich isn’t a flashy town…”. Later, wandering around town we were taking a picture on a bridge and BAM, a Lamborghini drove by.

Lambo in Zürich
Lambo in Zürich

LOL. Apparently there is a lot of gold and precious metal trading here. I’ve seen BMWs, Audis, Mercedes, Ferraris, Lambos, etc… maybe Rough Guide should revisit Zürich?


  1. Roho Nono

    Alan kwani umechoka na kuandika? postings zimekuwa rare sana ama unajienjoy sana Nairobi ukasahau na blog? Anyway ni salamu tu natarajia uko poa :)

  2. What I like best about the Rough Guides is that they give critical reviews. They will point out the tourist traps and will give negative reviews. I find that Frommer’s and Fodor’s rarely point out the negatives to a particular hotel or site. The rough guide is very critical and is a great balance to these other guides. I would balance your trip to Switzerland with a Fodors (or Frommers) book because the maps are often better and there are more higher end hotels listed.

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