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“Tasty as Free Range” Eggs

I bought some eggs at the grocery store the other day. I’m sure I must have bought these particular ones because I saw the words “Free Range” on the box. A few days later went to scramble some eggs and I noticed what the box actually said…

Tasty as free range != free range
Tasty as free range != free range

While taste is one of the reasons that some people prefer free-range produce, it’s not exactly the driving force. Correct me if I’m wrong, but the reason people buy free-range produce is because they believe that there’s some benefit in having animals live a free, full, natural life before they’re killed for our food.

KANJEKAKUWA G. SERVICES, you fail. I will not be buying your fake free-range eggs again!

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  1. Thaths

    In Europe and the US, there are regulations that control what can and cannot be called Organic, Free Range, Grass fed, etc. Are there such regulations in Kenya? I’m trying to figure out if Kanjekakuwa are trying to circumvent such a regulation.

    1. Alan Author

      My gut says “no, there are no such regulations in Kenya” but I honestly have no clue. Also, hi! Long time no chat :)

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