Ice Skating at Panari Sky Centre

Cassandra, Bill, and I went ice skating this past weekend at the Panari Sky Centre‘s “Solar Ice Rink” (whatever that means). Bill’s visiting ILRI from the UK to help with some embryo transfer stuff, and I figured it’d be fun for him to see something outside of the institute over the weekend.

I had my fancy shmancy phone with me so I just had to see how well I could skate backwards and take pictures…

… and video!

They only let you skate for one hour (after which they have to refreeze the ice… or something), but we must have gone around 400 times in that hour—a good workout, and very enjoyable!

5 Comments to “Ice Skating at Panari Sky Centre”

  1. Chikita

    Nice ice-skating moves!Some friends plan to take me ice-skating during Winter;it sounds great, though I’d have to learn the very basics first.

  2. Fiatu

    The poor guy in the middle, you were literally doing circles around him while he is walking tiny little baby steps so as not to face plant..heh heh.

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