Umbrella Season

Something that boggles my mind is people getting caught in the rain without an umbrella. I’ve seen it a lot in the past week now that the Kenyan summer is over and the rainy season has finally arrived. What stumps me is that the “long rains” in Kenya happen EVERY year in March/April—it’s not a surprise, people, it happens every year at almost exactly the same time!

Wake up, people: if you’re leaving your house without an umbrella from March to May, you’re just begging to get soaked in a down pour. Also, ladies, resist the urge to put on a cute skirt and high heels, and put on something more appropriate (plus an umbrella). It doesn’t matter if the weather looks sunny in the morning, it is going to RAIN!

Having said that, I forgot mine one day last week and by the time work was over it was pouring rain and I had to take a taxi home. Guilty!

4 Comments to “Umbrella Season”

  1. +1. Totally agree. Guess it’s just one of those *peculiar* Kenyan habits. And you ever noticed how everything just goes to hell and the pathways and streets descends into chaos the moment the first rain drops hit the ground?

    1. Alan Author

      Yeah, I remember the time I paid 130 shillings from tao to Westi, just because it was raining! For non Kenyans, the normal rate is 20 shillings!!

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