Mormons in Kenya

There’s something with Mormons in Kenya that I haven’t quite figured out. I don’t know how big their following is in Kenya, but I always see them walking around Uthiru where I work. Maybe it’s an isolated thing. The funny thing isn’t the Mormons really, it’s the fact that there is always a balance between black dudes and white dudes. Yesterday, after the drunkard on the bus incident, I saw four of them walking, two black and two white.

There’s no mistaking them, they wear the suit and tie just like the ones you see in the United States. My buddies and I always laugh because we wonder why they are always together like that. Is it because the black dudes are Kenyans and they can protect the white boys? Or is it because the Mormons wanna show everyone they’re “equal opportunity” employers (so to speak)? I’ll never know because that’s not really the kind of thing you can ask someone (but you can ask them how the heck Jesus visited America… look it up, I’m not joking).

If you’re privy to that info please give me the low down!

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  1. The LDS Church isn’t as established in Kenya as other places. So it has to use a lot of missionaries from back in the United States where it is more established. As the church gets more of a foothold, it will increasingly rely more and more on locally-generated missionaries. That’s how it is in places like Ecuador for instance. The LDS Church has a general stance of preferring to have local missionaries work in their own countries or regions.

  2. Veronica

    I don’t see anything wrong with your question !! LDS missionaries will be glad to answer all of them (even the one about Jesus Christ visiting America after being resurrected)… Back to you question,I’m pretty sure the reason behind that is to show everyone we are equal before God plus, u can get to know a place easier if you are accompanied by someone who already knows the culture, the language and is familiar with the place.

  3. Lilian

    Of all the churches i have ever gone to, none welcomes it’s members and shows great love like Mormon church.About black and white walking together, these people are not faking it ,their is no discrimination It’s a symbol of real brotherhood.These people have no racism

    1. mazzdark

      THE-MORMONS-ARE-NOT-RACIST…..Lilian it could be that you are dangerously uninformed…Black people are known by the Mormons as “Seed of Cain’ ie cursed by God

  4. Zee

    I’m not Mormon, so I cannot answer your first questions. But I encourage you to ask the Mormon missionaries the next time you see them. They are not offended by genuine questions.

    I want to point out that Mormons’ religious beliefs are not any more bizarre than those held by mainstream Christians. If you are capable of believing in Jesus Christ, a man who is simultaneously God and who rose from the dead, then what is so absurd about imagining that he visited the United States? Are you suggesting (and this is a genuine question) that God only has eyes for Jerusalem? The real difference between Mormons’ religion and mainstream Christianity is that the Joseph Smith story happened recently enough for folks to be able to go back to historical archives and determine for certain whether there are discrepancies between the historical record and the Mormon narrative.

    1. Alan Author

      Great points, Zee. About my questions, I’d ask them, but none of the ones I want to ask are genuine. Furthermore, I think all religions are equally ridiculous. Rastafarians believe Haile Selassie was the second-coming of Jesus. Catholics believe that if a man ejaculates outside of a woman’s vagina he should be put to death (Sin of Onan). Etc.

      Having said that, I quite like the idea of a noodly God who touches us.

    2. Stephen

      I am compelled to write this because I believe you are really misinformed about the Mormonism. they are as different from the Christians as heaven is from the earth. about the story happening recently, I am most sure and with evidence that this religion has nothing you can use to verify it coz nothing of what is written in their book ever happened. its just a story creted by Joseph Smith in the 19th century. Its false as false can ever be.

  5. msichana

    Alan, you are a pastafarian?! Was reading about it last week and laughed my head off! Flying spaghetti monster… R’amen!
    (stumbled on this site when trying to find the aterere clip from star wars)

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