Cold Showers Aren’t So Bad

And I always loved toast with peanut butter and honey. I forgot to pay my electricity bill on time and KPLC came and disconnected me. That was almost a week ago, and I am still trying to figure out how to get it turned back on. Surprisingly, my hot water heater was hot for about a day, and then lukewarm for another day beyond that. Hot water is great for shaving, but lighting the bathroom with a candle really sucks.

I guess my internal “pay the bills” clock was off this month (probably because I was in Ethiopia for two weeks), but the system still totally sucks. I always wait a few days to pay an electricity bill after I get it, which would explain why I never quite know which month I’m paying for. I blame it on KPLC. I had the bill sitting under my door when I got home on February 19th, but my housing agency stamped that they received it on February 10th (who knows when it got to my apartment), and the “due date” was February 6th. It doesn’t make any sense, but I’ve still learned my lesson: don’t mess with KPLC bills because getting it reconnected is a pain in the ass.

Nevertheless, having no power for the past five days has been a hoot. I’ve gotten to know my neighbors (“Do you guys want this food from my fridge?”), I’ve been eating my favorite breakfast food for dinner (toast and peanut butter), and I’m a pro at taking cold showers, something I’ve always known I could do, but never had to (except that one time in Jaipur with my sister). Not to mention I feel like a volunteer again… haha.

What is really lame is that they don’t answer their phones during business hours, and I can’t go to their office because I have a day job. These people don’t make any sense at all. I’m going to take a bit a of time off work in the morning and try to go see if I can sort all this out. Wish me luck.

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  1. Alan! This is great to hear, kind of… Good planning that you got the gas stove and not the electric one, huh?

    I eat toast with peanut butter all the time. :)

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