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Pictures From My House

I posted some pictures of the inside of my house last month when I moved in, but I know you guys are wondering what the apartment complex itself looks like. I live in the Westlands suburb, just off Waiyaki Way near the Safaricom headquarters. I walk about a kilometer to the main road, along which there are several small kiosks set up where people sell milk, bananas, airtime for cell phones, cigarettes, etc. We live at the end of the road, down a small hill. By the time I reach the matatu on the way to work I am almost sweating from the walk (and embarrassingly out of breath). On weekends I can walk over and buy lunch from the ladies on the side of the road (they cook for the construction workers). Beans, chapati, vegetables, etc. Real cheap and delicious!

A few pictures from outside the complex. We live on the top two floors on the right with the brown balcony:

Here are some pictures of the dogs, Mascha and Peanut. Mascha is, like, Russian, and Peanut is a black lab or something. They’re both cute and annoying in their own ways. For instance, they bark like hell and get so excited when I come home that I have to yell “SHUT UP!” for like a minute until they cool down.

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  1. Chikita

    At least we now have an idea of what your new place looks like and it looks great!…I can almost see the dogs barking hysterically when you get home and just the thought of it cracks me up!

  2. glo

    Better than Tala by far. Well, if are not doing much on sunday(27th/9), why not go & check out our annual Concours d’Elegance in Ngong Race Course and post pics if u can pls.

  3. mayn

    been there done that down that familiar road up and down….couldn’t make it an every day affair…was growing too skinny, it’s more than aerobics…so at least you are saving to keep fit

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