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What I’ve Been Listening To

You can always see what I’ve been listening to on (my music player logs everything there), but sometimes I am surprised how the numbers add up. Most of it shouldn’t be a shock (metal), but there’s actually a lot of rap/hip-hop from the US as well as East Africa. We always hear matatus blaring mixtapes from local DJs, and one thing they usually say is that they are Keepin’ it strictly Kenyan! So in honor of what is now becoming a tradition, I am posting a few more of my favorite songs for you!

Redsan — Yule Pale

Actually, Redsan is Ugandan, but he calls Kenya home these days. Yule pale is “That person over there”… probably a chick at a party. Just enjoy the beats!

Flexx — Amejibeba

This one came out in 2006 I think, but I really like the song. In Swahili I guess that literally means “She has carried herself” but in sheng (street Swahili, slang) it’s really something like “She’s got ass,” haha. Enjoy!

Jua Cali — Bidii Yangu

This track is a bit old but I like it. Jua Cali means “know California,” an estate in Nairobi where this rapper comes from. I always tell people nimejua calif (“I have known California”), as it’s where I was born and raised in the US.

Which is your favorite? Did any of them make you bob your head? Clap your hands? Be honest, if you stood up on the table to dance I wanna know. Maybe it’s just me, because I live in Kenya… haha!

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  1. Thaths

    Are there any specific Kenyan tags/stations in that you would recommend? I’ve been listening to Ethiopiques, Fela Kuti, Brenda Fassie, Ali Farka Toure and the like. But have not come across any good tags/stations for Kenyan music. For example, if I listen to music tagged ‘taraab’, a large percentage of the music ends up being middle eastern taraab.

    Asante, Bwana!

  2. ted

    dude, you should check out Last Year’s Tragedy…metal band from Kenya. I hope you also know about the battle of the bands on the first weekend of July.I think at Choices Baricho rd.

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