Jesus Christ Is Coming…

So look busy! Errr, get ready for the end of the world! I saw this message on the back of a car while walking down Moi Avenue in Nairobi today. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Jesus is coming

The Swahili on the bottom says Yesu yu aja! (“Jesus is coming!”). So you’d better jipange sawa sawa (“organize yourself well”)! ;)

3 Comments to “Jesus Christ Is Coming…”

  1. glo

    This is around the FIFA World Cup in South Africa and he’s guaranteed to find a huge gathering of soccer followers/fanatics though I’m not sure how many of his followers will be there:-)

  2. chikita

    Whoever is behind that must be the ‘genius’ of all times because not even Jesus Himself knows when He should come back!

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