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La Bamba

I was walking around in Tala’s market today with a buddy when some old mlevi (“drunkard”) with a guitar came up to me and started strumming and saying some crazy things. Then, all of the sudden, he mentioned something about La Bamba. The funny thing was, I recognized the beat, and it was right on. I waited a few seconds and then started singing, “Para bailar la bamba… para bailar la bamba… se necessita una poca de gracia.” To my amazement this guy instantly started singing along with me. He may have even known more of the lyrics than me!

The guy was even wearing a Sea World hat that said “Whale Trainer,” hhahahaah! That, and the fact that Despised Icon released some studio clips from the production of their new album, made my day today.

4 Comments to “La Bamba”

  1. Mom

    Always love that song. Remember when you were in Kinder and my class sang that song for the school performance and you did Save that Tiger?

  2. glo

    sounds like the man my bro was talking about the other day – maybe it him, maybe not. The fella lived in the US for a many years, married to a kenyan there but she divorced him and had no choice but to go back home & all he does is drink and carry his guitar around Tala.

    1. Alan Author

      Haha, that sounds like a crazy story. It’s probably the same guy. I’ve heard similar stories from a few Tala locals.

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