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Pictures of Ethiopia Trip

The pictures of my Ethiopia trip are finally on my photo gallery. It’s been a while since any of you have seen a picture of me so I know you’re excited. I have about 100 photos in total but it’s not very practical for me to upload them all, and I’m sure you only want to see the best of them, so I only put about 30 online. Here are a few…

You can see the rest in the gallery here.

4 Comments to “Pictures of Ethiopia Trip”

  1. who’s the woman? the sweed? Caitlin’s back in town, aparentally your sis came by too, but I missed her at the stanley’s.

    Brah … sold off my old computer stuff, built an i7 core 920 .. beast of a machine, yet eco friendly .. it’s the computer we always wanted to build but never did … we’ll I finally saved up enough and did. Have to show ya when you get back.

    1. Alan Author

      Yeah, that’s my friend Ellinor. Randi said Caitlin was back in San Diego, cool. Randi dropped by SD for only a few days I guess. Maybe when I get back later this year we can have a block party, haha.

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