Holy Rosary College Now Online!

Holy Rosary College has now arrived to the 21st century: we now have a website! You can check it out here.

While my main work here is teaching students and training staff, one of my other responsibilities was to create a website for the college. Well I’m proud to announce that we are now on the world wide web, but before you applaud me, applaud Mark! Mark was the VSO volunteer here before me, and he was the one who originally created the website. Unfortunately, sometime between him leaving in 2006 and me arriving in late 2007, the website disappeared.

A few months ago I stumbled upon a copy of the website on one of our servers here at the college.  After some procrastination I finally got around to updating the college’s contact information and making some phone calls to some people in high places. Behold, Holy Rosary’s website — back from the dead!

Thanks again, Mark!

10 Comments to “Holy Rosary College Now Online!”

  1. Hey Alan, that’s so cool, Im so pleased to see the college once again on line and very happy that the stuff we did back then has another life on line. I hope you have someone out there whom you can empower to modify and upload that stuff. (in fact it might be good to set them up with some content management software so its easier for the staff to modify the content).
    Thanks for your wonderful efforts


  2. Eliza

    Hey man! HONGERA! This so cool.
    This will go a long way marketing our college.
    Thanks for putting us in the world map. I hope you will do something to ensure that it(website) does not die once you leave.
    Once again, thank you.
    Long live VSO, Mark and Allan!

  3. Hey Alan! Been missing a lot this month, you’re very regular with the posts. Just back from a week in the Gobi Dessert and a criminally short trip to Southern India to visit my brother, both very different and interesting. Back to Canada and work in less than a week! Peace dude, keep it up, I will be reading regularly when I get back!

  4. mwas

    hi Allan nice work kudos for the effort.we appreciate your effort and hope to achieve more together here hope you enjoy being in tala and in general Kenya.

    1. tomasio...nzioka

      mwas vipi??? how are you guyz over dea i miss HRC sana kwanza hiyo chai na githeri…not 4getting rice na nyama manze!!!……hope u r ok
      HRC STRONG!!.

      The only University in ukambani….
      mwas mwas mwas wacha kunyamaza kizee!!!!!

  5. Mercy

    Hey Alan,mamboz,Thanx for your good work and enabling us as students to learn more, we really enjoyed the short time we spent together before we left.
    Barikiwa mpaka ushangae(ask for elaboration from Madam Rehab)

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