Kenya, Pictures

I went ice skating again this weekend. I went once before, two weeks ago. It was totally awesome, but this time was totally awesomer. I found out that people play hockey on Wednesdays there. I think it’s too dangerous to grab the hockey sticks when the kids are learning, but we found a hockey puck and we kicked it around a bit. The ice rink is at Panari Sky Center on Mombasa road. It’s right across the street from the Nairobi National Park… we saw giraffes walking around just across the street. Karibu Kenya (welcome to Kenya)!

The crew was me and the usual Nairobi chicks (Tash, Ruth, and Esther), but this time we brought along the German dudes from Tala, Franklin and David. They are volunteers in a little village a few kilometers away from Tala. Check out the pictures, y’all!