Randi and I went to Lake Naivasha last night. This satisfied two items on our fake scavenger hunt: the Great Rift Valley and hippopotamuses. Here’s the funny thing, we don’t have pictures of either of them; you’ll just have to take it on faith that we actually went there. It’s sad, I know, but you’ll live. The Rift Valley does have some awesome lookout points as you descend, but they’re really touristy and I just don’t think I could handle it (plus, getting the matatu to stop would have been really embarrassing). The hippos only come out at night, but they stay a bit far away, and we’ve all seen hippos before, so I didn’t bother to capture any.

We arrived a bit late to the Fisherman’s Camp at Lake Naivasha, and by then the only room left was this ritzy thing for 4,000 shillings (about 60 US dollars), then dinner was also expensive. Oops. Well we had a nice time and saw some hippos wandering around at night. Lots of white people too.