Today I’m going to be fitting some curtains on some bare windows in my shack in Tala, Kenya. One window in particular, in the hallway leading to the bathroom, is quite scary to walk by at night when it’s light inside and dark outside; only God knows who is outside peeking in. I have nice bars on my windows, so I’m not afraid anyone’s going to break in, but it still creeps me out!

I went to the market and talked to a few fundis (“fundi” is the Swahili word for someone with a trade, like plumbing, tailoring, etc) about making some simple curtains. I don’t need anything special, as this place is pretty much a bachelor’s pad since Sara left (haha). I was quickly directed to the area of the market where all America’s old crap goes. After digging through the piles of old clothes, sheets, etc I found a large curtain that would fit the bill. I handed the lady 180 shillings ($2.50) and I was off!
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