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My mom’s husband was telling me the other day how, sometimes, he feels like he’s surrounded by idiots. I felt the same way today when, as I was merging onto the freeway, some guy cut in front of me. After he swerved over from the “going straight” lane, he slowed down to yield to an obviously empty on ramp which joined ours. I found myself yelling, “WHY ARE YOU BRAKING?!” out of nowhere. I haven’t driven in two and a half years, but hellooo? So I’m visiting California for a few weeks… welcome to CA!

Last week, when I was still in Kenya, my mom asked what I would want in the fridge when I got home, something I missed; the only thing I could think of was strawberries. Not that we can’t get strawberries in Kenya, I guess they’re just expensive or something, so I never eat them. Anyways, I’ve been eating strawberries and blueberries every morning in my Kashi Heart to Heart cereal with almond milk and I’m officially addicted to breakfast again.

Don’t get me wrong, I love mandazi and chapati, but this tastes good and is actually good FOR you! The almond milk isn’t a must, and could be substituted with soy milk or even the kawaida (usual) “moo” juice. Try it out, you won’t be disappointed!

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I’ve come to the realization that California is famous. I don’t think I need to qualify that statement, but let me put it into perspective: I see people wearing San Diego Padres hats in Tala. I see them wearing UCLA hoodies in Nairobi. I’ve even seen things like City Council of Sacramento shirts. It really hit me the other day when I was in a matatu (minibus used for public transit) that was playing a CD of Tupac’s best hits. From California Love:

From Oakland to Sacktown
The Bay Area and back down
Cali is where they put they mack down

Dr. Dre even says something about San Diego in that song, hah! He and Dr. Dre really knew how to write lyrics. They just don’t make rap like that anymore (well, they do, but you’ll never hear it on the radio or in a club). I can’t say I was a fan of Tupac when he was alive, I think I was too young, but I remember driving around bumping his music in my minivan when I was in high school (maybe 2001?).

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Posing with our backpacks It is finally time to meander over to Kenya! We have waited so long to learn the mysteries of this vast continent, and soon we will uncover important truths like the proper pronunciation of “Kenya.” Is it “Ken-ya” or “Keenya?” The jury is still out, but will convene soon (probably something like three days from now). Our itinerary has us waking up before the crack of dawn to fly to Chicago, and then we touch down in London’s Heathrow and then finally, sometime on Friday, we fly into Nairobi’s Jomo Kenyatta. Wooo!


Cut that hair, baby!Yesterday Sara trimmed my fro and today I did a final number on my beard, so I think I look pretty presentable now. We spent our last day in America packing, enjoying a pre-departure feast at Denny’s, and watching Into The Wild at the movie theater (great movie, but the book was even better). I don’t know about Sara, but one of the comforts I will miss the most is American-style breakfast. I’m not usually a “bacon and eggs” kind of guy, but after two weeks of eating curry for breakfast in India I was ready for some freakin’ pancakes, ya know?!

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