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Note: originally posted on mjanja.ch! Posted here for exposure and posterity.

I flew from Portland (PDX) to San Diego (SAN) this week. I was greeted by one of the controversial full-body millimeter wave scanners. Unsure of the privacy and health implications of the scanners, I decided to opt out and get a manual pat down instead. I was somewhat surprised when my mom whipped out her iPhone and started filming it… good instinct!


She filmed it until they told her to turn it off. At one point I had seen on the TSA website that it was legal to film the pat downs, but I didn’t contest it at the time as I hadn’t done my homework properly.

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Randi and friends at the Nairobi airport
Randi and friends at the Nairobi airport

Proof that Randi has arrived in Nairobi safely! Also spotted were Sammy, Laurain, and Tash. Watch this space for more!