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These Things Are Entirely Common

I was walking past a large crowd in Tala’s market the other day when I heard a man yell…

“Hey! Yesu amerudi! Habari yako, yesu?”

It means “Jesus has returned! How are you, Jesus?”  Haha!  The large crowd had gathered for some small entertainment (juggling, music, traditional medicines… who knows) but they all stopped to look and laugh when their front man stopped the show to point me out.  I just said, “Mzuri sana” and my friend and I walked off laughing.

Today on the way to Nairobi my matatu broke down about 15 kilometers from Tala, so we had to pile out and wait for the driver to flag down another vehicle.  Once we got within a few kilometers from Nairobi our driver decided that he didn’t want to wait in traffic in the city, instead wanting to turn around and make some more money going back to Tala… so we had to pile out again and wait for another vehicle to be flagged.  Three matatus!

Crazy Kenya.  Anyways, I start teaching on Monday apparently, but I’m not entirely sure which classes or when.  Could be Network Essentials, could be Intranets, or maybe even Intro to Programming!

Until next time!